Bollard Cover Uses

Take a look at our guide of the many bollard cover uses!

Promotions and offers

One of the many bollard cover uses is promotional advertising. Whether instore or outside, implement slip-on, square or triangular bollard covers to clearly convey offers and promotions to your customers. When outdoors, sturdy bollard covers depicting offers and discounts can entice customers into your business – making excellent use of an otherwise empty space.

Product advertising

Perhaps you have a new product that you feel is particularly appealing? Make use of the bollards outside your business and implement some colourful, eye-catching marketing to draw in potential customers. With choices of slip on bollard protectors (2 panels), triangular bollard covers (3 panels) or square bollard covers (4 panels) you can promote several different products on one bollard cover. More panels mean more advertising opportunities!

entrance bollard covers

Conference and events information

One of the most popular bollard cover uses is for conferences and events. Bollard covers are ideal for centres that host these events, to identify different areas, provide directions or display additional information.

Maps and directions

Ideal for demonstrating a route for foot or car traffic, bollards can display maps, information or arrows to accurately guide your visitors.

Safety Signs

Clearly mark out any potential hazards with bollard covers! Perhaps the bollard itself is the hazard- add some high visibility signage to ensure that no person or car collisions ensure. Plus, we can add reflective vinyl to the bollard to ensure it’s high-visibility and can be seen in the dark (for this service, please contact us directly.) 

bollard covers

Car Park signage

Helpful bollard covers can draw attention to the bollard spacing, ensuring no accidental collisions with cars! They can also display payment information, car park opening hours and can clearly mark out disabled parking spaces.


Implementing bollard covers can really add to the experience! Use bollard covers as a way to direct foot traffic or to point festival goers in the right direction for tents, amenities or stages. You can even pop your slip on covers on to lampposts, to ensure they are seen.

Opening and closing details

Shopping centres, restaurants, drive throughs – you name it! If it’s got opening and closing times, these handy devices can let your customers know about them!

Welcome and Goodbye

Festival, attractions, ferry and cruise terminals, events, conferences, retail – there are so many places where you might want to wish your clients and customers a warm hello and goodbye! Make the most of empty space with some friendly, affable advertising!

ATM Protection

ATMs are expensive and bollards not only protect these everyday machines from being hijacked, they also preserve them from accidental damage caused by careless drivers. Safe to say then that the brighter and more eye-catching the bollard cover, the better.

Entranceways to car garages

Service bays aren’t the most glamorous of places, but they should be maintained to a standard that welcomes customers in – and having a marked, scuffed and scraped bollard is hardly going to fill customers with confidence when entrusting their vehicle to the staff there. A bollard cover can cover up unsightly marks, whilst directing customers and staff safely into the various bays.

Redirect traffic

One of the most popular bollard cover uses is redirecting traffic. On the busiest of streets traffic patterns may often need to be redirected – with areas frequently blocked off for use exclusively by the general public. For this task popup bollards are critical – as are the bollard covers that alert drivers and pedestrians alike of the clearly separated zones.

Emergency stations

Make sure everyone knows where the emergency first aid kit or defibrillator can be found, with amber or green bollard covers; we can also add specialist reflective vinyl to ensure maximum visibility.


Consider using your bollard covers for some festive advertising! Imagine a row of little snowmen covering your unsightly bollards; spreading some festive cheer and promoting your company at the same time!


Bollard covers can also be used to draw attentions to hazards, like wet floors or icy surfaces. We can also create high-visibility bollards using a special reflective vinyl.

We hope you found these bollard cover uses helpful! Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.


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