Bollard Cover Design Tips

Take a look at our handy design tips!

Bollard cover panels

Depending on your choice of product, your bollard cover will either have 2, 3 or 4 panels on which to display your designs! Do you want them to all be the same, or have a different display on each panel? If the latter, make sure your panels are complimentary to each other in terms of design, but take care that they are different enough to stand out!

Logo and Branding

Bollard covers allow a fantastic opportunity for organic and seamless brand awareness for your customers; so make the most of it. Whatever your design, ensure that your logo features prominently and has complimentary branding materials on the panels. You could even include a QR code to your company website, or to a discount code which customers can use in store.


Make sure your colour scheme compliments your company logo. This will reinforce branding! Ensure your colours are clear and crisp, and don’t use too many as that can make your design look messy and unfocused. Clear, simple and highly recognisable as to you brand is best.


Be careful with how much you include on your bollard cover. Chances are, most customers aren’t going to stop and read any small text – it needs to get the message across from a distance. So use very large, bold fonts and images, and make sure there’s a good amount of space around your elements.

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