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Bollard Covers: Why Do I Need Them?

Bollards and bollard coverings are common, although they are frequently overlooked and forgotten. If the subject of bollards came up in discussion, the majority of people wouldn’t even know what it is. So what exactly are the purposes of bollards and bollard covers? You will learn in this article what bollard covers are used for and why they are necessary.

What is a bollard?

Have you ever noticed a line of posts bordering a car park, pavement, or outside a building? That’s a bollard. Bollards were first used to moor boats on ships and wharves. These rows of small, strong posts are now increasingly frequently used to shield buildings, other property, and pedestrians from vehicle collisions. They accomplish this by clearly detailing which areas are off-limits to vehicles while visually directing traffic. Bollards can be in aesthetically pleasing places to improve a landscape.

Bollard covers explained

Bollard covers are covers that can be placed over a bollard to give more style, protection, or longevity to the structure. Bollard coverings are available in a wide range of shapes, colours, and materials. But why install bollard covers if you already have a set of good bollards? A bollard that is covered by a bollard has a number of benefits over one that isn’t. Below is a detailed explanation of these benefits.

Things to consider when purchasing a bollard cover

After learning what bollard covers do and why you need them, there are a few additional factors you should take into account before purchasing bollard covers. This includes thinking about the style, quality, and dimensions of the bollard covers you desire.

Type of bollard cover

The type of bollard cover you select depends on the design and intended use of your bollards. There are various different types of bollard covers. Some bollard covers are only designed to be aesthetically pleasing and aren’t meant to survive much damage beyond normal ageing. These kinds of covers are excellent for bollards in locations with limited vehicle traffic and low risk of being struck. Because they offer the bollards more protection in case of a collision, thicker or more flexible bollard coverings are typically recommended for bollards in high traffic locations, as along the side of a road. When selecting a cover, keep in mind that some types of bollards can also accommodate lighting or signage in addition to function and aesthetics.


Plastic is frequently used for bollard coverings since it is durable and requires little upkeep. Any weather can be tolerated by a plastic bollard cover, which also protects the bollard from rust and other harm. Plastic bollards do not need to be changed frequently due to their strength. When they do require replacement, painting the bollard or replacing it totally is less expensive.


The size of your bollard cover is the last thing you should think about. Calculate the size of the cover needed to cover your bollard by measuring it. Depending on how the bollard will be used, choose the cover’s thickness. Select a bollard cover that will heighten your short bollard if you want to give it a little more height.

Now you can call yourself somewhat of a bollard cover expert, why not take a look at our product range!

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