opening time bollard covers

Opening Time Bollard Covers

We’ve talked a lot about the various uses for bollard covers, but one main purpose has eluded us so far: opening time bollard covers. With revised opening and closing times due to Covid, not to mention designated shopping hours for the elderly, why not take advantage of the empty space and help keep your customers in the know at the same time?

Opening time bollard covers printing

Bollard covers can be situated on top of and around the bollards that sit outside your store. Bollards are used generally to prevent cars from knocking into the pavement, and to keep customers safe. However, due to their location, they also make perfect displays for opening time signage.

We’d recommend printing opening and closing times on each side of your bollard cover, to ensure it’s visible from all angles. If you have amended opening times due to Covid, or indeed offer a priority shopping hour for the elderly or for front line workers, bollard covers are the perfect place to promote this! (You can also use covers to display your current in store Covid safety measures; tips on this can be found on brandwatch).

We print our bollard covers onto sturdy, weatherproof 4mm Correx board, so you can rest assured your opening times display will stand up to the British weather. We also print in full colour, using UV fade resistant inks. If there is any sun, it won’t bleach your design! This means that your opening time bollard covers will remain durable and visible whatever the weather, and for a long time!

Triangular bollard covers for opening times

When you’re picking your shape for your opening time bollard covers, there’s a few to choose from! Slip on covers offer more space on a single panel for display, but with only 2 panels you run the risk of customers not always being able to read the information. Bollard covers with 4 sides offer great visibility and a lot of display space, but also have blind spots on the corners where your customers may struggle to read your information from certain angles.

We’d recommend triangular bollard covers for opening times, to ensure that every side is clearly displayed. Whereas rectangular covers offer 4 panels, the diagonal nature of the triangular model means that information displayed will be visible at all angles!

Custom opening and closing time bollards

At Bollard Cover Printing UK we are experts at creating custom printed products. Create your own artwork using our handy range of free, downloadable templates. We are here to create your vision, so whatever you want designed, we can print! Some top tips for your design include:

  1. Display the opening and closing times clearly in large scale font and ensure it’s clear which days you are referring to.
  2. Make sure your company name, logo and branding feature prominently on your opening time bollard covers.
  3. Include bright, eye-catching colours for attention grabbing.

Alternatively our in-house graphic designers offer a variety of design services for your opening time bollard covers. Simply provide any crucial elements you want included (for example, your company logo) and leave the rest to our professional team. You’ll be assigned a professional graphic designer based in our offices in Southampton, who will be just a phone call away. Our graphic designers work on the same site as our production facility, meaning a shorter turnaround time, and no delays from outsourcing.

opening time bollard covers

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