bonfire night bollard covers

Bonfire Night Bollard Covers

Bonfire night bollard covers… not a phrase you’ve probably heard before! We all know that Bonfire night is an exciting time. With so many events being cancelled last November, we are all looking forward to adding a little sparkle to our Autumn nights by watching some beautiful fireworks, cuddling up with a hot chocolate and chewing on a toffee apple! If you’re running a firework display, it’s so important to provide adequate signage… and this is where bonfire night bollard covers come in.

bonfire night

Bonfire Night Bollard Covers: advertising

First off, bollard covers are a fantastic way to advertise your bonfire night event. Not only are they cost effective, they can be placed around bollards, fences, lampposts- you name it! Pick your perfect high footfall area and advertise!

You can also target your advertising. For example, you could pop up bollard covers outside a store that sells sparklers and fireworks, or near a school where there’s a captive audience of families. And with two sided, three sided or 4 sided bollard covers to choose from, you’ll be sure to catch eyes at every angle!

Bonfire Night Bollard Covers: directions and safety

Once your event is up and running, you’ll need to direct customers and visitors around the site. Bollard covers on lampposts, bollards or fences can do this easily and effectively. Plus with UV resistant inks and weatherproof Correx, you can rest assured your signage will remain intact come rain or shine!

Not only are bollard covers useful for directions, they also operate as fantastic health and safety signage. With the pandemic looming in the background, it’s so important to keep your visitors safe. Ensure you display any Covid safety requirements like distancing or mask wearing prevalently over your venue.

Similarly, fireworks are beautiful but they are also, of course, dangerous. Ensure your visitors’ safety by keeping them informed of the dangers and safety protocols. You can find helpful material to add to your signage on the Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue website.

Other Bonfire Night Signage

Keeping your customers safe is absolutely essential when dealing with pyrotechnics! Consider the following signage to complement your bonfire night bollard covers:

  • Invest in mesh banners to provide health and safety info or advertising. The holes in the mesh banners will let wind travel through, so they won’t flap and will remain visible whatever the weather.
  • Large scale roller banners can be used in any indoor aspects of your venue to direct crowds to amenities, or simply to advocate safety.
  • Bottleneck hangers can be added to drinks, giving personal health and safety reminders. These will also serve well to provide QR codes for customers to read more information, or visit your social media channels.
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