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Sequential Use Of Bollard Covers

Fancy doing something a little different with your bollard cover design? Variable data printing lets you customise each cover sleeve in your print run with unique text and/or graphical elements. With sequential use of bollard covers , the possibilities are endless. So to fuel your inspiration, here are three creative ways you can use sequential designs to set your establishment apart from the competition.

Sequential use of bollard covers: 3 examples

Sequential Use Of Bollard Covers - subway

1. Tell ‘stories’

Sequential advertising is a term often used to describe online ads, but it had a physical use too! Why not hook shoppers in with a tale? By displaying a ‘story’ one line at a time, customers will be encouraged to keep moving to the next bollard to read the next part – so by the time the story wraps up, they’re at your front door!

Your story doesn’t have to be a traditional narrative. For example, your sequential use of bollard covers could display each of your different brand selling points, spread an advertising slogan across multiple bollards, and/or highlight your current in-store offers. These will not only give customers a complete picture of your brand identity, but will also entice them in with reasons to visit your store. It’s a win-win!

2. Guide the way

If you’re running a large establishment with extensive parking facilities (such as an airport or theme park), it can be easy for visitors to lose their way.

Using navigational arrows on your bollard cover designs can help visitors get their bearings – and displaying the exact distance from each bollard to the entrance is a great way to ramp up the anticipation for your younger guests.

3. Catch them on the way out

Since a standard sleeve cover features multiple sides, the back of your bollard can display different information- which provides a great opportunity to convert and/or upsell to customers as they’re leaving.

Isn’t it frustrating when you step outside the store, only to remember the one item you forgot to tick off your shopping list? By displaying sequential instructions for your website or app across your bollard covers, you can push awareness of your online shopping facilities, and drive your more absent-minded customers to order their missing items when they get home.

This is also great for converting window shoppers and on-the-fence buyers; offering them a more convenient way of purchasing that one item they had their eye on in your brick-and-mortar store.

And for the aforementioned theme parks, airports and other large-scale parking sites, the backs of your bollard covers can be used to thank patrons for their visit, and help them find their way back to their cars with arrows to each of your parking zones.

For more information on variable data printing, sequential use of bollard covers or to get a quote for your bollard cover print project, call on 02380 878030 or contact us via online form!

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