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Bollard Advertising Sleeves: 3 Uses

We’ve talked a lot in our blog about bollard covers’ various uses. We know how helpful they can be for showcasing opening times, directions and car parking instructions. We also know that bollard covers are essential for safety measures and to prevent danger to pedestrians and cars alike. In this article, we’re going to discuss bollard covers as effective advertising solutions. So, read on to learn all about bollard advertising sleeves.

Bollard advertising sleeves – in store promotions

Custom bollard covers can be created with any artwork or design imaginable. As such, you can create any message, graphics or design for your bollard cover. This means you can also create an effective advertising slogan for your store!

If your bollard covers are located directly outside your store, use the space to advertise new products, sales and promotions or new features in your store. For example, do you now have a cafe inside? Or new toilets? Shout about it! Catch the eye of the footfall and generate more traffic into your store.


Bollard advertising – third parties

However, it’s not just your own store you can promote! Consider earning some extra income from allowing other businesses to use the space outside your store to advertise. For example, if you are a popular local store that provides stationery, it would be advantageous for say a bookstore to have the promotion outside your shop front.

Customers would be similarly minded and would take the validation of the stationery shop to visit the book shop. Collaborate with local businesses and direct like-minded customers to each other! Connect with other local businesses through a local business directory, LinkedIn or social media!

You could even go the whole hog and ‘promote’ the other business for them – creating slogans like ‘Did you like what you saw today? Why not visit our sister shop?’ and provide directions.


Bollard advertising sleeves-  events.

If you aren’t looking to advertise your promotions or neighbouring businesses, you could always rent out the bollard space for local events. Bollard advertising sleeves are incredibly popular for ‘pop up’ events, as they get the word out quickly.

Speak to circuses, pop up bars and boutiques and music festivals. If the intended audience matches your clientele, they’d be foolish to ignore the opportunity. For example, imagine a local music festival erecting bollard advertising sleeves outside the local music shop – it just makes sense.

bollard advertising sleeves

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