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Effective Signage In 4 Steps

If you run a store, supermarket, event or hospitality venue, you need comprehensive, effective signage to ensure your customers are kept happy. But successful signage isn’t just about a poster here or a Correx board there. Great signage is indoors and outdoors, works in tandem with the other aspects of signage and provides your visitors with all the information they need for a successful trip. Read on to learn how you can create effective signage for your store, event or venue.

Effective Signage

1. Store Signage – posters, roller banners, stickers

First things first, you need to create fantastic indoor signage for your store or venue. Use large scale posters to promote new products, services or events. Employ roller banners at the entrance of your store or venue to inform customers of the current Covid safety messages, upcoming events or new offers.

Use floor stickers (made of non-slip vinyl) to direct your customers around. Create different designs for different facilities – for example, direct customers to the toilets, the smoking area at your venue, or a specific product within your store.

2. Shelf signage- shelf wobblers and aisle fins

If you’re running a store or supermarket, employ in-aisle marketing devices to help increase your customer engagement and ultimately, your sales.

Shelf wobblers are small signs attached to wobbly arms that #’ump’ out from shelves – ideal for highlighting specific products. Similarly, aisle fins can be used to protrude from a shelf – making it easier for a customer to find their desired product quickly.

3. Outdoor signage – PVC banners, bollard

Remember that it’s not just your indoor signage that needs to be eye-catching, informative and engaging. Effective signage begins before the customer steps indoors. Outdoor signage is crucial to bring new visitors into your business, be it a retail store or an events venue. Employ brightly colored PVC banners (printed with UV-resistant inks and waterproof, to account for all weather conditions) to shout your message loud and clear!

Similarly, make the most of your bollards by using creatively designed bollard covers– perfect to make the most of an otherwise empty space, and useful for promoting new products or offering car park information. Try to make your outdoor marketing devices complement each other in their designs, offering a cohesive, professional, multifaceted marketing strategy.

4. Effective signage with integrated media

All the above are very traditional forms of marketing- why not shake things up and integrate your traditional methods with some digital wow factor? Print QR codes on to your signage throughout your venue or store, so that customers can access more information, join your social media channels or enter competitions! Print QR codes onto your bollard covers, allowing your customers to pay for the car park instantly, or altering customers as to any queue times in the venue itself.

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