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Bollard Covers For Outdoor Events: 3 Great Uses

Right now we are all waiting for the time that we can go back to normalcy, and that includes events, football matches, festivals, conferences and a wide range of activities where bollard covers can prove invaluable. Bollard covers are so popular now that you’ll even find bollards for sale, to facilitate this easy and versatile marketing solution. So how useful are bollard covers for outdoor events? We take a look…

Bollards providing directions

Vital for large-scale events, bollards covers can provide helpful directions, including arrows or even little maps! Imagine stepping out of the car at Wembley and having never visited before! It’s a maze! Use printed covers to direct your fans around the vast stadium. Consider using print covers on bollards in the stadium itself, in the car park and on the bridge – a perfect solution for a genuine need, whilst utilising blank space.

On-bollard advertising

Bollard sales have risen in recent years, with many of these purchases for advertising purposes. Consider using printed covers to advertise sponsors or suppliers at football matches, festivals or events. And speaking of football matches-  consider using bollard covers designed in the teams’ strips. Perfect for livening up your car park and stadium entrance and providing a bit of friendly rivalry! The bollard covers’ print designs are also an ideal opportunity to promote bands at festivals, products at conferences or stalls at markets.

Bollard cover Covid safety

Printers covers for bollards can be designed in any way you like, and will always be printed in high colour and top quality. In the current climate, consider investing in some Covid safety covers for when your event can reopen (you can find information and ideas for signage displays on the gov website). Use your otherwise dead space to provide safety messages, like mask wearing, hand washing and keeping distance.

Bollard covers for outdoor events

If you’re keen to use bollard covers for outdoor events , don’t worry – we can create weatherproof covers that will last! Our covers are made from tough durable Correx, which is designed to stand up to the elements. They are also printed with UV-resistant inks, so if you’re lucky enough for a sunny spell, the printed message won’t fade!

Bollard Cover Printing print perfect, custom made covers for bollards (UK). Contact us today!

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