Bollard Covers Uses During Covid

Why invest in bollard covers in the Covid climate? When you’re creating your marketing strategy, bollard covers might not immediately spring to mind. However, these nifty printed covers can transform dead space into high profile, well-located devices – offering you a line of communication with your customers, before they even enter your store or business. As such, they can be invaluable in the current pandemic, to ensure you customers adhere to instore safety policies. We take a look at how these cost-effective, nifty printed signs can help keep your customers and staff safe…

Why Invest In Bollard Covers in the Covid Climate?

Why are bollard covers useful?

A bollard cover over the bollard that stands outside your business can offer numerous advantages in day to day life. Bollards covers can be created with eye-catching advertising images and slogans, to draw customers’ attentions to new products or special offers.

They can also act as additional safety measures –  printed covers can be designed in bright colour to ensure no one accidentally walks or drive into a bollard!

You can even design season-specific covers, to act as outdoor décor. For example, having a Christmas snowman or an Easter bunny will communicate your seasonal deals, whilst looking visually appealing.

Bollard covers can be used for many purposes including:

  • offering directions to events
  • providing car park information
  • displaying opening and closing times
  • promoting new offers / products / stores
  • displaying seasonal decor or offers
  • providing additional signage to prevent cars accidentally mounting the pavement

So why invest in bollard covers in the Covid Climate?

In the current Covid climate, bollard sales are skyrocketing, and with them, bollard cover purchases. Having so many bollards for sale offer businesses the option to buy handy markers, allowing customers to queue at a safe social distance. Adding additional print covers wrapped around the bollard allows you to include messages like ‘Please wait here’ or ‘Keep a 2m distance’, helping to keep your customers and visitors safe.

If you’re a business that has had to close during the various lockdowns, bollard covers are also a great way of demonstrating that you’re open to passersby. Furthermore, if you’ve had to amend opening hours or inhouse policies due to Covid, consider a printed bollard cover, so that your customers can be informed as they queue to enter. Not only this, you can use printed bollard covers to remind your customers to wear a mask before entering the store, or prompt them to use hand sanitizer.

Why invest in bollard covers in the Covid Climate? Here’s a handy summary!

Bollard covers can help protect and inform your customers during the Covid climate by:

  • marking out a 2m distance to ensure safe, socially distanced queuing
  • displaying new opening times
  • displaying new in-store safety measures to make sure all customers are informed and safe
  • prompting customers to take Covid safety seriously by reminding them to wash hands / don a mask / sanitise.

Bollard covers are also durable, weatherproof and cost effective. Choose from triangular (three panels), square (4 panels) or slip on (2 panels) to create the perfect safety signage for your business.

Ensure your covers’ print designs are bold, eye-catching and branded to your specific company. Create your own design or take advantage of our inhouse design services to create an ideal printers cover: ready for the print run and beautifully constructed.

For more information about the Covid 19 pandemic, please visit’s guidance page

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