Bollards Have An Image Problem

Bollards Have An Image Problem

Bollards have an image problem. They’re almost always an eyesore… and when they’re not, they’re often so visually unstimulating that they become invisible to pedestrians and motorists alike. Reversing into a stationary bollard when parking is more common than you’d think…

Bollards have an image problem! What can you do about it?

It’s no secret that bollards can be ugly and unsightly: bollards have an image problem! Bollard cover sleeves offer the most convenient and cost-effective way to spice up the bollards on your store’s premises – and they’ll improve their visibility to prevent collisions, too. But perhaps as bollard sleeve printers, we’re a little biased…

Here are some other options for decorating your store’s bollards – and why we still think bollard covers are the best option….

Leave them plain

It’s true that bollards have an image problem, but if you’d rather not deal with the faff of redecorating bollards, you can always just leave them as they are. It’s the cheaper option for sure, but you’ll be missing out on the advertising potential that a bollard cover can offer.

Not to mention, a row of rusty old bollard with the paint peeling off won’t exactly inspire potential customers to step through the door – and if you’re trying to avoid parking collisions, it probably won’t catch the motorist’s eye very well either.

Paint them

A fresh coat of paint can certainly make old bollards look as good as new; and if you pick out some bright paint colours, they’ll be a lot easier to spot in the rear view mirror too. You can even add fluorescent and reflective paints to ensure your bollards remain visible after dark. Take a look at these handy tips on how to paint bollard covers.

The downsides? Well for starters, you might end up in hot water with the landowners and/or the local council for painting them without their permission; but even if you don’t, you’ll need to set aside some funds for expensive paint and some time to actually do the painting.

And once they’re done, your newly painted bollards will remain the same colour until you choose to repaint them again – whereas bollard covers can be switched out for new designs on the regular, without the fuss.

And let’s not forget that – again – you’ll miss out on the advertising opportunities that a bollard sleeve provides if you choose to paint them instead. You could trypainting your latest promotions and deals directly onto the bollard surface, but you’ll probably need a steady hand…

Add stickers

Of all the options we’ve explored so far, stickers are probably the best option. Not only do they help you turn bollards into promotional opportunities (since you can simply print your ad or slogan onto a sticker and then easily apply it to the bollard), but they also draw the attention of shoppers and parking motorists.

Stickers are also easy to apply, and can be removed and replaced with new stickers whenever a new promotion rolls around. Unfortunately, peeling off a used sticker is often easier said than done; you’ll probably have to deal with stubborn sticker residue, and you might even end up peeling off some of the bollard paint as you go…

You’ll also have to be careful with the design and placement of your bollard stickers; if they’re too small or they’re accidentally placed at a misaligned angle, they’ll probably look more tacky than attractive.

Add bollard covers

And finally, we come to bollard covers! If you think your bollards have an image problem, we think these are the right solution. These custom-printed sleeves offer all the combined advantages of the other decoration methods on our list; they brighten up plain bollards, they command the attention of shoppers and motorists, and they provide a canvas to shout about your latest deals and promotions.

However, unlike the more permanent decoration options we’ve discussed, bollard covers can easily be removed and replaced without any fuss. You can even keep old covers stored away and slip them back onto your bollards at a later date, which makes them ideal for annual sales and promotional events.

Plus, there’s no chance of upsetting landowners and/or local councils with your bollard covers; if anyone does object to them, you can simply remove them with no adhesive residue to worry about.

Bollards have an image problem – and that’s why we still think bollard covers are the best option for sprucing up boring bollards. Have we piqued your interest? Take a look at our full range of custom bollard cover options on our homepage, or get in touch on 02380 878030 or via our online contact form for a direct quote today.

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