how to install bollard covers

How To Install Bollard Covers

Whether you choose the slip-on, interlocking or push rivet option, adorning outdoor bollards and poles with our printed cover sleeves couldn’t be simpler. How to install bollard covers, you ask? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a quick installation guide for all three bollard cover types…

How to install bollard covers : Slip on / 2 sided covers

This one’s an easy one! Just like the name suggests, you attach these bollard sleeves by slipping them over the bollard.

Press on the outer edges of the sleeve to flex the panels outwards – this creates a gap between the two panels which the bollard can fit inside. Once you slip the cover over the bollard and release the pressure on the cover edges, the tension of the cover panels will keep it in place.

Each slip-on bollard cover is supplied pre-assembled with snap rivets, which ensures the two cover panels won’t split apart as they flex. You can also remove your slip-on bollard covers without damaging them, by simply pressing on the edges once more and lifting the cover off from the bollard.

How to install bollard covers

How to install bollard covers with interlocking tabs

They might have a fancier name than slip-on bollard covers, but interlocking covers are just as easy to install.

All you need to do is wrap the cover around the bollard, then slot the larger tabs on one side of the cover into the larger slots on the other; then finally slot the smaller tabs on the opposite side into the smaller slots on the neighbouring small slots.

Just like slip-on covers, interlocking bollard covers can also be removed and reused in the future; simply pull the tabs back out from the slots and you’re good to go!

How to install bollard covers with push rivets

Again, the clue’s in the name here. Wrap the cover around your bollard, place the outer-facing panel on top of the inner flap so that the drilled holes line up with each other, then simply push the included plastic push rivets (what is a push rivet?) through both sets of holes to fasten them onto the bollard.

Each ‘fir tree’ rivet features little ribs which stick out from the stem of the rivet; these ribs will contract inwards when pushed through the bollard cover panels and expand outwards again once they’re through the hole. This creates a secure fit; although you can remove the rivets if you’d like to reuse your bollard covers at a later date.

You might find it easier to push the rivets through the outer-facing panel first, then wrap the cover around the bollard and finally push the rivets through the inner flap. Make sure the flap is positioned underneath the outwards-facing panel, not on top!

We hope you found this guide on how to install bollard covers helpful. Looking for an alternative way to attach your bollard covers? Bollard Cover Printing can supply custom bollard sleeve designs and additional accessories to match your specifications – call us on 02380 878030 to discuss your requirements today.


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